All this work began in May 2011, in a period of deep stock market crisis.
With the hope, not the certainty, of being able to have an approach to the subject that is, in the first place, very reliable.
It all started with the creation of an Etf list on which test some ideas I found here and there, in addition to some other ideas I gained in the meantime.
I have also dealt with setting and optimizing certain aspects, which had to be fixed.
As time goes by, many things have been deleted, changed or optimized.
What you see is the actual arrival point.
As for today, I use all the 132 Lyxor Etfs, by adding two Etfs on gold, one of them hedged.
Levered Etfs are not being used.
Certainly, that what is offering Lyxor now is larger than anything else is.
The offer of the other firms seems, in my opinion, more focused on just marketing than anything else.
I would like to point out that, everything you see is true, and can be historic demonstrated.
All the lines are Total Return, the Benchmark is S&P 500.
All the strategies are Momentum, with different sensitivity degrees.
I am absolutely sure, that the diversification and the risk control are essential for succeeding any investment project, aside from the strategy used or from the timing.
Probably these two-combined elements could guarantee, even on its own, the success.
I suggest opening at least ten positions, whatever the amount available.

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